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We are told that the KING OF POP was actually penniless by the time of his ‘death’.  Is this true or not?  We heard stories from his nanny that he had no money left.  In fact, she even states that she had to lend him money.  We are also told that he was so desperate for money that he signed the contract for the 50 concerts.  Then we are told that it was the stress from these concerts that Michael Jackson could not handle, and this led to his ‘death’.  Up until now, what you read and heard is what Michael Jackson wants you to believe.  The truth is far from it…

  • Michael Jackson owned the Beatles catalogue.  Michael Jackson purchased this in 1984-85, for $40 million. At the time, he was only 26 years old.  This meant that he would earn 50% of the royalties from the Beatles songs since he owned the publishing rights.  This catalogue contained 4,000 songs.  
  • In 1995, Michael Jackson sold 250 Beatles songs to Sony Corporation for $95 million.  He still owns rights to 3,750 songs. 
  • It has been said that Michael Jackson owns 50% share in Sony-ATV Music Publishing Catalogue, which is estimated to be at $US1.5 billion and $US2 billion.  Just having ownership of this generated $US13-20 million in profit, on a yearly basis.  
  • Michael Jackson also owns the Mijac Music Publishing catalogue, that is worth at around $US 100 million. Of course the value of this one sky-rocketed with all the sales of his albums following the hoax death.
  • His estate is worth $500 million.
  • When Martin Bashir asked Michael Jackson how much he was worth – this was in 2003, Michael Jackson reluctantly said he ws worth beyond 1 billion US dollars.  
  • The Beatles catalogue that Michael Jackson owns is pegged at $US 4-5 billion.
  • Album sales of Bad (1989, $US 125 million), Dangerous (1992, $US 67 million), HIStory (1996, $US 55 million) and Blood On The Dance Floor (1998, $US 12 million)

I did some further research, and came up with some extremely interesting information that has NOT surfaced anywhere else on the internet – at least not until now.  

  • Not even a few days after the ‘death’ of Michael Jackson, Joe Jackson appeared at the BET Awards.  You can read about that in my previous post.  During an interview, Joe Jackson plugged ‘Ranch Records’.  As another forum reader mentioned, the name is Ranch Records – ie. Neverland Ranch!  Extremely interesting…coincidence? I think NOT!  Here is what Joe Jackson’s partner Marshall Thompson had to say about Ranch Records: “It’s driven by Blu-ray technology, and that’s his next step.”  HIS next step?  Whose next step? Joe Jackson was never an investor…he did create the Jackson 5 partially, but thats about it.  So WHOSE next step is it?  Sounds like a huge slip of tongue by Marshall Thompson.

Initially, I did not think much of Ranch Records or the slip-of-tongue by Marshall Thompson.  Not until I did some research on the aliases that Michael Jackson supposedly used to obtain drugs and visit doctors.  Remember, you are reading this here first.

  • Paul Farance is the alias Michael Jackson used.  In reality, the name refers to Paul France – CEO of Fantastic One.  Fantastic One is a media company that uses new technologies.  Prior to this, Paul France launched Asia Business News in 1993, which eventually merged with CNBC to create CNBC Asia in 1998. In Paul France’s own words: “”I have been very closely associated with Internet developments and have felt that the true value of new media has been held back by bandwidth restraints.Now that broadband is coming on stream I am genuinely excited about the potential for this revolution.Through its parent companies,FantasticOne has the technology and the experience in content delivery to truly make this revolution of Digital Broadband Multimedia come about.” 
  • Omar Arnold is another alias Michael Jackson used.  Who is Omar Arnold?  In reality, he is the CEO and owner of Quantum Sales & Technology Incorporated. Its even located in California – very convenient.  Its a company that deals with Audio Systems.  They even support organizations that promote music programs in schools across the USA.
  • Jimmy Nicholas was another one of Michael Jackson’s alias.  Jimmy Nicholas is actually the vice president of business development for MokaFive, a technology based organization.  He has a track record of working win operations and finance, and has background in developing partnerships for venture software companies.  Prior to this, he worked with TriplePoint Capital, where he was responsible for venture transactions with parters of the firm.  Along with a lot of other experience in venture firms, he was also the CEO of Oxford Media Corporation – which was dedicated for providing digital video technology.  
  • In 2000, Media reports indicate that Michael Jackson invested several million dollars in, which was a firm that wanted to maximize internet technology.  Unfortunately, this start-up firm that did not perform so well initially and there are reports that it changed its company direction.
  • Brian Singleton, Michael Jackson’s alias is actually the Chief Creative Producer and Officer of Attention Span Media.  This company is also conveniently located in Los Angeles, and Brian has worked with the entertainment industry via production of various sitcoms, was a News Producer of KHIZ TV and now is focusing upon New Media.  
  • Peter Midani was the alias Michael Jackson used – but actually referred to Peter Madonia.  Since 2006, he has been the Chief Operating Officer of the Rockefeller Foundation, and oversees human and financial resources, information technology, facilities and such.  Prior to this, he was the Chief of Staff to New York City Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg – who paid a tribute to Michael Jackson.  Interestingly, Bloomberg announced on July 7th 2009 that he wanted to help the slumped media industry, by creating 8,000 jobs.  How? By creating partnerships between traditional and digital media, and attracting foreign investments by media companies.  They would also create fellowships for training with venture firms.  Not only this, but a World Congress of Children was hosted at Neverland in April 1995, where in addition to other supporters, Michael Jackson’s Heal The World Foundation, the Rockefeller Foundation was a sponsor. 
  • The other aliases were names of friends, his children, other celebrities, or his staff.

As you can see, there is the very strong possibility that the aliases that Michael Jackson used were those of people that he knew.  From the list above, they all happened to be leading individuals associated with media and technology industries.  Prior evidence indicates that Michael Jackson was an investor of start-up companies associated with technology.  Not only that, but surprisingly Ranch Records is also focusing on supporting new media technologies.  Contrary to the impression that has been portrayed of Michael Jackson being a lavish spender and not familiar with finances, I strongly believe that he is a very apt business minded individual.  It has even been reported that part of his intention to wed Lisa Marie was to purchase rights over Elvis Presley’s catalogue.  Moreover, Michael Jackson has even stated in his interviews that Salvation Army is an excellent store and often had nice merchandise.  This was said in the 1980’s, when Michael Jackson was already a millionaire.  Moreover, despite supposedly having problems with his father, he lived at home with his parents even in his mid-twenties.  We are talking about a millionaire here, who was already internationally recognized.  He did not go around blowing money like the pop stars today.  Rather, he lived very cautiously.  He did become a big spender in the 1990’s, but that is from our perspective, and not that of a man worth beyond 1 billion dollars.  

So why the facade of showing a poor Michael Jackson to the world?  His songs lyrics speak louder then anything else about this.  All the allegations, court cases, being sued, having to settle cases out of court, shutting the mouths of people, etc. cost him a lot.  Naturally, he was worried about what would become of his finances.  His reaction was to liquidate most of his funds and assets, write them off as expenses and move them into foreign bank accounts and investments.  There are even reports that he wanted to open resorts in Dubai as well as Asia, and perhaps these even materialized.  Some of his funds were used to purchase stocks and invest into media technology based venture firms, as you can see from above, but obviously not under his real name.  Perhaps if the company structure and share holders were ever available to the general public, we could possibly locate the alias that Michael Jackson used to invest.  Moreover, Michael Jackson even fired his close business managers and advisors and hired Dr. Tohme in 2005.  This is when reports about Michael Jackson’s financial crisis began to emerge, as well as reports of him being ill.  Odd right? 

The King of Pop was not facing financial distress, that was an image for us to believe in.  At the moment, he continues to receive royalties from the enormous sales of his albums, enjoy the funds that he liquidated and sent away to offshore accounts, as well as continuing to invest into venture firms based on technology and media.  All this while not having to pay a single dime to any of his on-going court cases, loans, other ‘debt’ that he had accrued.  In one of his interviews, Michael Jackson mentioned that he is not stupid, and that stupid people don’t get this far – which is very true indeed.  To pull of this hoax and having planned all the minute details needs a brilliant mind while having calculated all the gains requires a brilliant mind – that of Michael Jackson.

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