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1. Defibrillator

A defibrillator can save a person’s life if it is used immediately after a patient has experienced a heart attack, or is unconsciousness with poor vital signs.  These have been installed in many airlines and public places.  Eve flight attendants are now trained to defib a person who has lost consciousness, has a faint pulse or none, and has shallow breathing.  You may or may not know that Michael Jackson was quite informed about medicine in general.  When his son, Prince Michael, was born with breathing difficulties, Michael Jackson ensured that the air quality in Prince Michael’s room was tested on an HOURLY basis.  He was extremely concerned about infections and spread of germs, so all the utensils utilized to feed his children were immediately discarded after ONE use.  Not only that, but he also ensured that any toys his children played with during the day would be discarded at night, and new ones be brought in for the following day.  One of the reasons that Michael Jackson wore a mask in public was also to prevent infections and air-borne illnesses.  In fact, it was even reported that Michael Jackson attended a medical conference and asked researchers performing cloning further information about their work.  Given all this, it comes as a surprise to me to know that Dr. Murray did NOT defib Michael Jackson.  The controversy around this is that in initial reports by EMT medics, it was said that they HAD seen a defibrillator in Michael Jackson’s house.  However, it was not used or that there was a problem with it.  Further reports came out denying that the EMTs had seen the defibrillator.  The questions of the hour are: Why WAS a CARDIOLOGIST hired for Michael Jackson 11 days prior to his ‘death’?  If a cardiologist was hired – wouldn’t that mean that the mulitmillionaire King of Pop, whose close friend is Deepak Chopra, also have purchased a defibrillator???  Did this cardiologist NOT know how to use the defib?  Why the discrepancy between the initial reports of the EMTs having seen the defib and later reports of them denying this??  The thought that Michael Jackson did NOT have a defibrillator present in his house does not even cross my mind, since he was medically informed, regularly frequented hospitals, and actively sought to avoid illnesses and target his own personal health care. 

2. Place of Michael Jackson’s ‘Death’

Let’s say that a person does die – how can there be so much discrepancy over the place of death?  If it happened in the living room then it happened in the living room – simple!  But when it comes to Michael Jackson, its just another ‘story’.  Latoya Jackson claimed that Michael Jackson had walked to the doctor’s room, and was found unconscious there.  Meanwhile other reports claim that Michael Jackson was found unconscious in his own bedroom.  Finally, other reports claim that Michael Jackson had collapsed in his living room and was carried over to his own bedroom by a guard.  How can there be so MANY differing accounts of where Michael Jackson lost consciousness?  Is it that under stress, people made errors in reporting what they had been told to do so?  If THEY had SEEN IT, then surely they would have been able to recount it, and we would not see this discrepancy.  Or were these accounts tossed at the public to cause confusion so that the public would be led astray?

3.  Requesting 911 services for Michael Jackson

Okay, lets say that a defibrillator is not present, then being a cardiologist and finding Michael Jackson unconscious, Dr. Murray should have rushed to call 911.   This was NOT the case.  In some reports, Conrad Murray claims that there was NO ONE around, and that he found Michael Jackson in his bedroom.   He didn’t know what to do, and proceeded to do CPR.  Finally, he screamed for someone to come. It was Michael Jackson’s chef who came and placed the infamous 911 call to request for help.  But even in that call, note the lack of distress and tension…this employee of Michael Jackson was way too calm.  It has been claimed that voice analysis was done for this phone call, but distress could not be detected.  Although in the background, you can hear the doctor sounding very panicked.  Odd, isn’t it?  Now remember the second account claiming that Michael Jackson had collapsed in his living room?  A guard lifted him to the bedroom where supposedly CPR was done.  So SOMEONE was definitely around, and the story falls through the cracks again.  Why didn’t the doctor just ask the guard to call 911?  Finally, it has been said that Prince Michael was present and had seen his ‘father’ being resuscitated.  Now even for this report, there are 2 accounts.  The first is that Prince Michael had seen his father collapse in the living room and followed him to the bedroom.  The second is that Dr. Conrad Murray wanted to show his son that he had attempted to revive his father, so he left the body, brought the boy to his father’s bedroom and then performed CPR.  Either way, if no one else was available, why didn’t Prince Michael call for help?? He is certainly old enough.  There are so many reports of 6 year old kids dialing for help, so why couldn’t Prince Michael who is a 12 year old?  And lets say that if he indeed see Michael Jackson being resuscitated, why did he look like he was so bored to be at the funeral and was devoid of emotions?  Its tough to imagine that such a young child would be so heartless, if you had seen your parent die in front of your eyes, there is no way that a child could restrain emotions.  Remember Princess Diana’s funeral procession?  Both Prince William and Harry had eyes and faces full of tears, although they still tried to maintain composure.  Unlike Prince Michael, who was too busy chewing gum.  

4.  Michael Jackson’s 911 Call

Michael Jackson’s doctor claimed that he could not place a call to ask for help for various reasons.  One is that Dr. Murray was too busy performing CPR, and could not stop.  But yet, one news report mentions that the doctor called Joe Jackson, told him that Michael Jackson was not responsive and he didn’t know what to do.  Joe Jackson advised the doctor to call 911 right away.  Then Dr. Murray claims that Michael Jackson’s house did not have landlines present, so he could not call out.  But what about his cell phone?  Eventually there was the 911 call placed, so obviously it was possible to make a phone call.  Finally, who was Conrad Murray talking to when the 911 call was placed.  You can hear only his voice in the background, so was he calling someone…on his cell phone?  Why didn’t he just call 911 with his own cell phone then???

4. Security Tapes from The Day of Michael Jackson’s Death

It has been reported that the house Michael Jackson resided in had 24-hour camera surveillance, both indoors and outdoors. Mysteriously, the tapes from the day of the death have disappeared.  The Los Angeles Police Department has been searching for these, but to no avail.  Remember that Janet and Latoya Jackson went to clear out Michael Jackson’s belongings the day  after his death was announced?  Perhaps during this time, they removed these.  Now even stranger are reports that Michael Jackson’s bedroom was found messy and had his clothes strewn everywhere, as well as sticky notes on walls.  But, Michael Jackson’s sisters had said that they had removed ALL of his belongings even before the LAPD had declared that they were going to do a homicide investigation.  Pictures showed that even bedsheets and blankets were removed from Michael Jackson’s house 1 day after his death, as requested as by his sisters.  So where did these clothes and notes come from, that the LAPD found?  Also, reports now say that IV stands and oxygen tanks filled his bedroom, so why didn’t the sisters also remove these?  Or were these planted in the bedroom, after the fact?  

Movers emptying Michael Jacksons rented house  -

Movers emptying Michael Jackson's rented house -

4. Dr. Murray’s Storage Boxes 

Recent reports indicate that Dr. Conrad Murray had stored boxes in a storage facility, which were removed after the ‘death’ of Michael Jackson.  The contents of these boxes are not known.  What is known is that 2 women removed these boxes.  The storage facility was also monitored by camera surveillance, but guess what?  Surprisingly, on the day of that these women took away these boxes, the camera surveillance system ‘was not working’.  Coincidence, I think not.  As to the identity of these women or the contents of these boxes – only the Jackson family can provide answers.  

5.  Michael Jackson’s Employees Fired Within Minutes

Within 30-minutes from the confirmation that Michael Jackson had ‘passed-away’, all of his personal employees were fired by AEG.   Rather then reacting to the death of Michael Jackson, AEG very methodically fired his staff – within minutes.  It would make sense if this had happened on the following day or even a few days later, but not within minutes.   It almost seems as though this was pre-planned, and that there were a certain numbers of steps to follow in staging this death.  Of course by firing these employees, it would be easier to get access to the security tapes, stage the oxygen tanks and IV stands, throw things around the bedroom, and create the stage for this hoax, since there will be no witnesses.   Also note that days before his ‘death’, Michael Jackson’s employees were not allowed to enter his bedroom.  So no one would know whether he had in fact been taking the drugs or not, nor provide any accounts of seeing the lack or presence of oxygen tanks and IV equipment in his bedroom.  

6.  Conrad Murray was Michael Jackson’s Cardiologist for  ONLY ELEVEN (11) DAYS

In order for AEG to get insurance for Michael Jackson’s O2 Concert dates, it was required that Michael Jackson undergo a complete physical.  In fact, his cardiac or heart function was assessed for 4 hours with various tests, and it is said that he ‘passed with flying colors’.  A couple month’s later, AEG hires a cardiologist for Michael Jackson – this is 11 days before his death.  Again, for the King of Pop, they don’t hire an amazing cardiologist such as Mehmet Oz.  No, they hire a cardiologist with a shady past – he had defaulted on loans, needed money ASAP, was desperate for the job, had lots of financial problems.  What does this portray – simply the image of an irresponsible or reckless individual.  Anything goes wrong the first finger pointed will be at him.  Whoever hired him knew all this too well, and had actually gone out searching for someone that would fit this profile.  Remember also that conveniently, the insurance purchased by concert promoters was not for natural death of Michael Jackson, rather it was for accidental death – which included drug abuse.  Convenient but coincidental? No.  Conrad Murray had no information on who his patient Michael Jackson was.  He had never probably met him before nor examined him.  So, the man that Conrad Murray was introduced to was probably NOT Michael Jackson.  Rather, he met an extremely ill impostor, while the real Michael Jackson had already fled, and those performing on stage were his doubles.  This may sound far-fetched, but really it is not. I will post further information on the person who DID die shortly, in an independent post.  The only victim of this hoax is Dr. Conrad Murray.  He is being framed for a series of events that he probably does not even understand himself.  

I will go more in-depth on this, in a following post.

Now we all know that Joe Jackson made absurd remarks at the BET Awards, such as advertising Ranch Records – his new project. Remember that these awards took place days after the so called death of Michael Jackson, and Joe Jackson really seemed unmoved. It has been reported that 30 minutes prior to launch of the ceremonies, Joe Jackson arrived without tickets and threw everyone into a frenzy as seating had to be adjusted.  

Thats the backdrop of what happened, but in the picture below, something caught my eye.

Lets Zoom in: 

Michael Jackson Double at BET Awards

Michael Jackson Double at BET Awards

Can you believe that? I find this to be shocking.  

Lets look at another picture from the BET Awards. 

Micheal Jackson Double At BET Awards -

Micheal Jackson Double At BET Awards -

I certainly don’t believe that this individual IS Michael Jackson, although he certainly does appear to be Michael Jackson’s double.  I have no idea whether this individual was brought in to be part of Joe Jackson’s entourage, or was strategically seated right behind Joe by the organizers of the event, or by other individuals who are perhaps enjoying fooling the public, yet again.  Also, why is he wearing a baseball cap? That is certainly not in-style right now.  

Anyhow, If you look at the second image above, you will note that this individual has curly permed hair.  Michael Jackson used to have the identical hair style in the 90’s, and has had straight hair for the last few years. However, rehearsal footage from the ‘This is It’ concerts showed that Michael Jackson had curly hair on stage, while in other images, he had straight hair.


Michael Jackson had permed curly hair in Last Rehearsal Photo

Michael Jackson had permed curly hair in Last Rehearsal Photo

Michael Jackson Last Rehearsal Photo - Straight hair

Michael Jackson Last Rehearsal Photo - Straight hair

The picture below was taken on May 29, 2009. It was reported that Michael had gone back to having his permed curly hair style.  

Michael Jackson Curly Hair - Picture taken on May 29, 2009

Michael Jackson Curly Hair - Picture taken on May 29, 2009

It certainly does seem plausible to me that the individual seated behind Joe Jackson may have been involved in this entire ploy.  It definitely seems to be too innocent to be ‘just a coincidence’. 














Navi is Michael Jackson’s Number 1 impersonator who resides in Essex, United Kingdom. He is known as the No 1 MJ impersonator throughout the world, and was even PAID by Michael Jackson previously to act as his decoy.  

One news report even states that “Navi was a close friend of Michael’s and met him several times”.  

( you can read the article here

Michael Jackson is to the left and Navi is on the right in the image below. 

I wonder if Navi’s role while being employed by Michael Jackson was only that of a “Decoy”, and how many other impersonators Michael Jackson actually employed? No wonder his living expenses were so high, he probably was blackmailed a lot. I am surprised though that Media never really made an effort to find out more about Michael’s impersonators and doubles that he so obviously employed, or perhaps they never noticed?














News report just out on July 10th 2009

Michael Jackson’s skin doctor Arnold Klein was completely rebuilding the star’s ravaged face in the run-up to his This Is It comeback shows.

Klein desperately tried to make the King of Pop appear “more normal” for his 50-date run at London’s O2 Arena after years of cosmetic surgery left the singer’s face severely scarred and acne-ridden.

However, the dermatologist insists rumors the star’s nose was so bad it had fallen off his face are untrue.

Klein tells TV host Larry King, “He came to me because, basically, I was sort of rebuilding his face, because he had severe acne and scarring. He had scarring from having a lot of cosmetic surgery. And my expertise is like it is with every one of my patients. My patients are my treasures. And I was rebuilding his face so he looked much more normal. And contrary to what people said, he could not take off his nose. His nose was attached. But it looked too small. And I just was trying to get him ready to do the concert, because in the way he looked in his face, he wanted it to be absolutely as perfect as it could be.”

Klein also confirms Jackson was paranoid about his nose after years of taunts from his family: “I know that people made fun – or family members – of the size of his nose. He was very sensitive to that. And so he (started) doing cosmetic surgery.”

All this was taking place in June 2009.
Could it be that the REAL Michael Jackson’s face was being reconstructed, so that he could leave with a new identity, following the ‘FAKE’ death?!!

On June 10-11, 2009  It was reported that Michael Jackson had a mutilated or mangled ear.  This was just weeks prior to his ‘death’.  The reasons given were that perhaps surgeons had utilized the cartilage from his ears to redo his nose.  

Take a look at pictures of the mangled ear (left panels):

These pictures were taken as Michael Jackson was leaving a doctor’s office – whom he had supposedly visited for skin cancer.  


Now look at the pictures from the final rehearsal – and focus on the ears:

As you can clearly see – the shape of the ears is completely different for the individual performing on the stage, and the Michael Jackson leaving the doctor’s office. These photographs were taken less then 2 weeks apart.  

This leads me to think that the original Michael Jackson may have had his face reconstructed, while the one on stage was an imposter.  Note that the Michael Jackson leaving the doctors office has a bracelet on his left wrist, which as I pointed out previously is something that Michael has been wearing for a few years now.














The question that many are asking is ‘Did Michael Jackson have doubles?’

Take a good look at this picture:

First look at the texture of the skin – it appears extremely smooth. You can’t see any blemishes or even facial hair. Now look at the neck…do you see the sharp distinction between the actual neck and the plastic mask?

Its very clear that whoever is photographed in this picture, is actually ONLY wearing a mask. Go look at other Michael Jackson’s pictures, in most of these you will notice that he predominantly wore high collars. Wearing a high collar would of course hide the mask, and no one would know that it is just a double that we are calling Michael Jackson.

People were also skeptical about how a 50 year old man can possibly do the moonwalk and all of Michael Jackson’s dance routines? You must have seen all the footage of Michael’s so called ‘last’ rehearsal released by AEG. We saw that although Michael was very thin, he seemed to be able to perform quite well. But the question is – was that Michael Jackson dancing or a double? To answer that – look at the images below, focus in on the left hand:

In ALL of the pictures above, ‘Michael Jackson’ wears a red beaded bracelet on his left hand. There are hundreds of other pictures on the net with the same bracelet on his left hand.

But now look at this picture below. It is from his rehearsals, and note that there is NO bracelet on his left hand. In the 3 pictures above, the last one is also from his final rehearsals but that one does have the bracelet. So it may be the case that he only actually attended some of the rehearsals.

If you look at the video footage below, which has been released so far from the rehearsals he was doing for the ‘This is it’ concert series, the double is present on stage without the bracelet on the left hand. In fact, its even the double sitting in the beginning of this video – he has NO bracelet. I am going to suggest that the one without the bracelet is the double, since Michael has been photographed with that bracelet on his left wrist for several years now.

Also look at the picture below. It was taken in early 2009. Look at the neck – there is hardly any flesh or fat on it. But look at the pictures from the rehearsals above. The neck appears to be completely different.

To say the LEAST, Michael Jackson probably had several doubles. Which one or who died recently remains to be determined, but from my previous post, I highly doubt that it was the REAL Michael Jackson that died.














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