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Navi is Michael Jackson’s Number 1 impersonator who resides in Essex, United Kingdom. He is known as the No 1 MJ impersonator throughout the world, and was even PAID by Michael Jackson previously to act as his decoy.  

One news report even states that “Navi was a close friend of Michael’s and met him several times”.  

( you can read the article here

Michael Jackson is to the left and Navi is on the right in the image below. 

I wonder if Navi’s role while being employed by Michael Jackson was only that of a “Decoy”, and how many other impersonators Michael Jackson actually employed? No wonder his living expenses were so high, he probably was blackmailed a lot. I am surprised though that Media never really made an effort to find out more about Michael’s impersonators and doubles that he so obviously employed, or perhaps they never noticed?














Meet another impostor or double for Michael Jackson:

Look at his Right Hand – do you notice the beauty spot?

Here is Michael Jackson during his childhood – look at the right hand, there is NO beauty spot. 

Here he is again in the 90’s – still NO beauty spot on right hand:

Zoomed in for clarity:

And NEITHER was the beauty spot present at the O2 Concert Announcements. 

Never before have I seen a transient beauty spot which shows up on one occasion, and is certainly not present during childhood or at the other time points.  Congratulations on having deceived the world again yet again Michael Jackson.













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