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News report just out on July 10th 2009

Michael Jackson’s skin doctor Arnold Klein was completely rebuilding the star’s ravaged face in the run-up to his This Is It comeback shows.

Klein desperately tried to make the King of Pop appear “more normal” for his 50-date run at London’s O2 Arena after years of cosmetic surgery left the singer’s face severely scarred and acne-ridden.

However, the dermatologist insists rumors the star’s nose was so bad it had fallen off his face are untrue.

Klein tells TV host Larry King, “He came to me because, basically, I was sort of rebuilding his face, because he had severe acne and scarring. He had scarring from having a lot of cosmetic surgery. And my expertise is like it is with every one of my patients. My patients are my treasures. And I was rebuilding his face so he looked much more normal. And contrary to what people said, he could not take off his nose. His nose was attached. But it looked too small. And I just was trying to get him ready to do the concert, because in the way he looked in his face, he wanted it to be absolutely as perfect as it could be.”

Klein also confirms Jackson was paranoid about his nose after years of taunts from his family: “I know that people made fun – or family members – of the size of his nose. He was very sensitive to that. And so he (started) doing cosmetic surgery.”

All this was taking place in June 2009.
Could it be that the REAL Michael Jackson’s face was being reconstructed, so that he could leave with a new identity, following the ‘FAKE’ death?!!

On June 10-11, 2009  It was reported that Michael Jackson had a mutilated or mangled ear.  This was just weeks prior to his ‘death’.  The reasons given were that perhaps surgeons had utilized the cartilage from his ears to redo his nose.  

Take a look at pictures of the mangled ear (left panels):

These pictures were taken as Michael Jackson was leaving a doctor’s office – whom he had supposedly visited for skin cancer.  


Now look at the pictures from the final rehearsal – and focus on the ears:

As you can clearly see – the shape of the ears is completely different for the individual performing on the stage, and the Michael Jackson leaving the doctor’s office. These photographs were taken less then 2 weeks apart.  

This leads me to think that the original Michael Jackson may have had his face reconstructed, while the one on stage was an imposter.  Note that the Michael Jackson leaving the doctors office has a bracelet on his left wrist, which as I pointed out previously is something that Michael has been wearing for a few years now.














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