Prior to Michael Jackson’s hoax death, I was was only aware of a few of his songs.  When news of his so called death erupted, I noticed a lot of inconsistencies in what was said and the chain of events that followed.  All these led me to believe that the death could not have been ‘real’.  Following that, just looking through google images I found that despite the cosmetic surgeries and such, there were a lot of images of ‘him’ that were questionable, such as the beauty spot, the face mask, the red bracelet, etc.  

Anyhow, in writing this blog it is my aim to convey to you that what has been reported to the media thus far has been a staged death.  The only death that did occur is that of Michael Jackson’s career as we know it, but I have a strong feeling that this is only temporary.  Michael Jackson may have indicated that he despised all the paparazzi and media attention, but at the same time, he vehemently  sought attention and thrived on this.  So one day in the future, we will see that he will reveal himself again to the world.

I am in no way a diehard fan of Michael Jackson unable to accept the ‘reality’ of his death.  My career or occupation is to find and support facts while disproving falsehood on a daily basis, and so I have just extended that to this situation.


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ps – For those of you that asked, I am not affiliated with any of the other sites out there. All the material that I am reporting here has been found through my own research.  You may read identical material out there, but pay attention to the dates when material was posted on this site, and compare it to when it was posted on other sites.  I am also surprised to see the number of copy & pastes from this site ending up at other sites.  At the end of the day, I believe our goal is the same and is that of seeking and sharing the truth.  Thank-you for visiting and supporting this blog.