Since you are here – it means that you too also question the ‘death’ of Michael Jackson.  The truth is that it was indeed staged, and Michael is STILL ALIVE

Lets get to the factsbottom line you will see is that THE STORY DOES NOT ADD UP:

1 – reported Michael Jackson’s death prior to UCLA – How did they know this? 

2 – Check this photo out.  

It was taken while MJ was being resuscitated in the ambulance that transferred him from his house to UCLA.  Note the ambulance mirrors below – they are tinted black.  How did anyone take a picture through those tinted mirrors and see MJ so clearly? 

Why is it that there is only 1 (ONE) picture of MJ while he was being resuscitated?? 

3 – Look at this video of the ambulance leaving his residence – why on earth is the siren not on?  Normally an ambulance with a patient loaded will turn the siren on – but no, this one even waits for the tourist bus to move first.  

4 – Coroners reports suggested that Michael Jackson was bald, and only had ‘peach fuzz’ on his head.  They even mentioned that the right side of his face had caved in and that he did not have a prominent nose bridge.  Now look up at the image of MJ being resuscitated – clearly the right side of face is fine.  He has ‘hair’ on his head and has his nose piece firmly in place.  Now with resuscitation, one has to pinch the nose to provide mouth-to-mouth, but MJ’s nose piece is still intact in that picture.  Also, his ribs were fractured from the resuscitation, but his wig still remained in place on his head? That is highly suspicious.  Note that the right side of the face is in no way distorted, as the leaked coroners report had mentioned.  Look at the pigmentation of skin – it looks completely healthy.  Given that he had arrested about 40 minutes to 1 hour before that picture that picture was supposedly taken, his skin should have been darker and almost have a blue tone due to lack of oxygen, leading to cyanosis.  This is note the case at all.  Somehow, he even has his eye make-up on and intact – while his ribs supposedly were fractured from the CPR.  

5 – The Jackson family refused to do an open-casket memorial service for Michael, because his face had suffered distortion and or injuries from the resuscitation.  Now look at the picture above again, his face is completely fine.  In fact, that is one of the most flattering pictures of Michael that I have seen. So why did they not due a an open casket memorial – because the body was simply not in the casket.  

6 – Within a few hours of the cardiac arrest, Michael Jackson’s close staff personnel were fired.  It seems like a very bizarre and prompt decision.  

7 – Janet Jackson and the Jackson family removed Michael’s belongings from the house that he was renting in LA on June 27th.  There are news clippings of this in youtube, where you can see that even bed sheets and blankets were removed from his house.  The Jackson family stated that they were concerned that these would be stolen.  However, the LAPD investigation into Jackson’s death resulting from drug overdose and possibility of homicide was launched on the 28th.  At this point, his belongings from his rented house had already been removed by the Jackson’s.  Despite this, the LAPD investigation contends that they found IV stands, IV bags, prescription medications and oxygen tanks.  So if Michael’s belongings had already been removed, what exactly did the LAPD find and how do we know that these were firstly even present, and secondly if they had not been planted there aft the fact.  

 8 – Conrad Murray had been Michael’s doctor for 11 days, and was hired by AEG.  A couple month’s prior to this, Michael had passed a 5 hour fitness test for insurance purposes, with a clean bill of health.  So why exactly was a cardiologist hired for Michael, and that too only 11 days prior to his ‘death’.  Conrad Murray was a ‘shady’ physician to begin with, he even had declared bankruptcy in the 90’s.  His prior activity is certainly suspicious, and he of course makes an easy candidate to blame for Michael’s ‘death’.  Also note that the heaps of drugs that the LAPD has supposedly located, must have been there prior to Conrad’s employment.  Not only that, but to build an addiction and tolerance to them requires years, not just 11 days.  So unfortunately Conrad is a poor physician who is practically being framed for a crime that does not exist.  Michael was a close friend of physicians such as Deepak Chopra – so why would he settle for a shady doctor?

9- Michael wanted his children to have their own private lives – away from Media.  However, in the months preceding his ‘death’, Michael decided to ‘unveil’ his children to the world.  Why now???

10 – From December 2008 – February 2009, it was reported that Michael was suffering with serious skin infections that could lead to flesh eating bacteria, had emphysema, needed lung transplants, and had intestinal bleeding.  It was even reported that Michael felt that he was going to die shortly.  He was photographed on wheelchairs, and was at the point that he could not even walk.  However, a couple months later – he rocked the world with news that he will be launching the O2 concerts.  Not only that, but AEG released footage of him dancing on stage in perfect form, 2 days prior to his death.  It is rumored that Michael used illness as a means of seeking media attention, something that he had learnt from Elizabeth Taylor.  In fact, he even ‘collapsed’ prior to a concert – which was cancelled.  In addition, he reportedly used illness as a means of not attending public events.  How is this not different then? 

11 – Look at this video where Michael’s ‘dead body’ was being transferred from UCLA to Coroners office:

As surprising as it seems, the body on the stretcher actually rises and moves.  This is after the fact that rigor mortis should have set-in, leading to a very stiff body that would have been incapable of motion.  Who is that on the stretcher?  Crew in the helicopter reported that they were just moving the stretcher.  However, the body actually moved relative to the straps of the stretcher.  

12 – From the coroners office, Michael Jackson’s death certificate was not signed by a physician.  Conrad Murray refused to sign it, as did the physicians at the coroners office – why not??

13 – The entire Jackson family has not visibly shown that the news of Jackson’s death has caused them grief.  The one attempt made was that by his daughter Paris – who really did not come across as being sincere.  She has adamantly suggested that she wants to release an album soon, as wants to be like her father.  She did cry during the memorial service, but that was momentary and soon after she was seen dancing and singing.  His eldest son was too busy chewing gum and did not look hurt by the loss of his father.  As Paris was making her speech, you can see that Janet actually smiled or looked like she was restraining laughter,  prior to ‘comforting’ Paris.  

14 – Upon finding out about the death of his son, Joe Jackson attended the BET awards and was interviewed by CNN.  During this interview, Joe said that he was feeling fine and even went onto publicize his new record label.  He displayed very little concern for the loss of his son.  Now lets look at Jackson’s mother – Katherine.  Video footage revealed that she was actually shopping at Target, just one day after the ‘death’ of her son.  

15 – Why is it that none of Jackon’s close friends attended his funeral – ie. Elizabeth Taylor, his divorced wife Lisa Marie Presley, and not even Oprah Winfrey? 

16 – AEG took out insurance policy covering the accidental death of Michael – not natural death.  Within accidental death – death ensuing from overdose and drug abuse is covered.  So when this insurance policy was being drafted, did AEG have a premonition that Michael would die within a few months from death possibly caused by prescription medications?  Seems highly suspicious.

17 – For the O2 Concert – Michael repeatedly said ‘This is it – the final curtain call’, as well as ‘See you in July’.  Ding ding – just before July, Michael suddenly ‘died’.

18 – While Larry King was visiting Michael’s room in Neverland, camera’s supposedly caught the ‘ghost’ of Michael.  

It does look like Micheal’s shadow walking across the fireplace and into the wall.  Michael was a billionaire, and even his personal trainer mentioned that Michael loved playing pranks.  This projection of a ghost was most probably due to special effects – Michael must be enjoying this from wherever he is hiding. 

19 – Michael was obsessed with mannequins, and had these placed all around his residences.  He was a very lonely person who wanted to have people close to him in his life.  The only thing that he could have were mannequins.  There are reports that Michael’s staff contacted Gunther Von Hagens to have his body plastinated posthumous.,1518,614006,00.html

Was this only posthumous or did he have replicas of his body created?  Michael’s trainer mentioned that Michael loved pulling pranks, such as sending mannequins in ambulances.  How do we know that what has happened now is NOT a prank??


Michael Jackson has repeatedly said that he wanted to live forever, he thought of himself as Peter Pan and lived in Neverland.  Reports say that he even slept in a hyperbaric chamber to remain youthful.  He was also a vegetarian and only had one meal a day, to extend his life.  His close friend was Deepak Chopra, and Michael is known for having done yoga and meditation.  Given all this, he was a health conscientious person.  So why on Earth would he do a drug overdose and kill himself with prescription drugs?? The truth is that this was all set-up.  In the months prior to his so called death, he repeatedly visited physicians for short bursts – a few minutes, and requested prescription medications.  There were reports of drugs being confiscated from the Neverland ranch during a prior investigation, but these were just a few vials – nothing suggesting a problem with addiction.  Lisa Marie Presley has said that Michael had told her exactly how he would die – years before.  So this is something that Michael had been planning for a long time, he was just looking for the opportunity to pull it off.  He tried to do that earlier this year with reports of him becoming bedridden and having to use wheel chairs and needing lung transplants, but the media and fans did not really respond to these reports.  In fact, very little affection or interest was displayed by the general public.  You also have to remember that although Michael said that he enjoyed his private life, he loved being in the spotlight.  With his bipolar and eccentric nature, he wanted to know how the world would react to finding out that he had died.  Michael wanted to see this first-hand, and Michael knew that he needed a bigger scheme to get the public’s attention that he was looking for.  

AEG did not contract Michael for the 50 concerts, instead, the entire motive was to stage his death.  This meant huge payoffs for Michael – and all his prior debt would be cleared.  Look at the sales of his records now – the proceeds from these are being funneled to the Jackson family.  Even the closing of his memorial stated that he was still alive, and La Toya said that he was watching it all. 

Jackson wanted to live a life where he could enjoy the common aspects such as walking outdoors and going shopping.  He is known to have adorned many disguises – which he is probably hiding behind one currently.  As to the body that was found at Michael’s house – it was probably that of his terminally ill imposter.  Although Michael detests being in the public eye, he has grown so accustomed to it that he cannot live without it.  This is something that he will realize while he is living under his new identity, and this need to be in the spotlight will lead him back in-front of the cameras shortly.